From Italy, With Love.
Prosecco. Espresso. Diadora...Just a few of the finer things to make their way out of Italy. 

We generally try to not over hype or over sell a shoe, but man, if you haven't tried on a pair of Diadoras yet, you do not know what you're missing out on.

On the pitch.
You may recognize the name from your days of youth soccer, but Diadora relaunched into specialty running in late 2017 with a splash - and the current version of the Mythos might be one of our favorite shoes of all-time. That is right...ALL-TIME. A bold statement. But this is a bold shoe.

Personally I've run through a bunch of pairs of the Mythos over the last couple of years. Check Strava. It doesn't lie. And if our recent Instagram video tells you anything...we've got a lot of options to choose from. 

Enough gloating. Let's get into it.

The shield.
So what differentiates Diadora from more traditionally built brands? It is all about that midsole - their patented Blushield technology. 

Blushield is Diadora’s premium full length dynamic cushioning system designed with both comfort and support in mind. Blushield cushioning is made up of little internal cones that adhere to your specific footstrike  - think of these almost like individually wrapped coils in a mattress. This not only customizes the support between the left and right foot,  but the cushioning design accommodates for a wide range for runners - from neutral to moderate overpronaters like myself.  

The long haul.
These babies are going to last. During the thick of marathon training I was taking the Mythos 5 for long runs of 18 - 22 miles. I'd swear I'd need a new pair after 400 miles or so, only to compare a fresh set to a used pair and find that there really wasn't much of a difference. Just me trying to justify another pair of shoes. 

Diadora uses a full blown rubber outsole, with a Duratech 5000 compound in the rear heel area to help with preventing wear and tear in common hot spot for most.

Our take.
The Mythos Blushield has been one of my go-to every day trainers during 2019 and 2020. I even ran the NJ Marathon in a pair last year. I'm currently on my second pair of 5s since the update launched earlier this year. I keep finding myself, out of all the options I have, gravitating back to the Mythos Blushield 5 on a daily basis. And at the end of the day, that says it all.

The numbers.
Weight: 11 oz. (Men's), 9 oz (Women's)
Offset: 10mm  

Interested in the Mythos Blushield 5 from Diadora?
Both men's and women's are available now on our online store!

Craig Segal, Co-Owner of Runner’s High-Freehold has been running since his days as a youth navigating the trails at Holmdel Park.  He competed at the prep level at Holmdel High School and moved on to run for Villanova University before competing for Monmouth University as a graduate student.  He can be found on the roads, racing anything from the 5k to the marathon.  He holds a half marathon best of 1:08:20 and a marathon personal record of 2:25:09. He is admittedly a running shoe geek.



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