A game changer. 
That is what we are hoping for with the latest update to the iconic Pegasus line - and from all of our early accounts and feedback, Nike was right on the money with this one.

In an ever evolving cushioned world, the demands of the daily trainer are getting softer. Cushion is the name of the game - and Nike steps theirs up with this most recent launch of the Zoom Pegasus 37. 

Like a fine wine.
Don't let the familiar silhouette fool you. The 37th edition of the Pegasus keeps getting better with age. And while the outside might look similar, we all know that it is what is on the inside that counts. There are some pretty big changes going on here.

Equal and opposite reaction.
One of the main stories with the updates found in the Zoom Pegasus 37 is the midsole. Nike uses a full length React midsole - moving away from traditional EVA foams of the past. The result - the spongiest version of the Pegasus to date. 

Snap and response.
One of the key characteristics Pegasus loyalists have grown to love over the years has been the snappy, responsive feel at toe-off. Don't let the addition of React foam scare you - you're still going to get that pop you've grown accustomed to. Nike's patented Zoom Air unit is two times thicker than that found in previous models, providing that spring at toe-off.

Under pressure. 
Something we've rarely seen in the past, Nike finely tunes the Pegasus 37's air bag units per gender. You'll find a little higher pressure for the men - checking in at 20 PSI - and a little lower for women at 15 PSI. This should offer a more nimble ride on the women's side.

Our take.
We've been pretty jacked for the Pegasus 37 ever since it came out of our rep's bag about six months ago. The Peg is the most iconic running shoe out there. Hands down. No one else can make an argument.  But it is what is behind the name that matters. The 37th edition of the Pegasus meets the cushioning demands of the long distance runner in 2020. We're pretty psyched and confident that the modern tweaks to this old classic will make the Pegasus 37 one for the ages. 

The numbers.
Weight: 10.05oz (Men's size 10) // 8.28oz (Women's size 8)
Offset: 10mm (Forefoot: 14mm, Heel: 24mm)

Interested in the all-new Nike Zoom Pegasus 37?

Both men's and women's are available now on our online store. 

Craig Segal, Co-Owner of Runner’s High-Freehold has been running since his days as a youth navigating the trails at Holmdel Park.  He competed at the prep level at Holmdel High School and moved on to run for Villanova University before competing for Monmouth University as a graduate student.  He can be found on the roads, racing anything from the 5k to the marathon.  He holds a half marathon best of 1:08:20 and a marathon personal record of 2:25:09. He is admittedly a running shoe geek.



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