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    Tuned for training. Ready for race day.

    What do you get when you cross the comfort and support of the Mach with a propulsive Pebax plate? You're looking at it.

    The all-new Mach X.

    A pace-pushing trainer built with high-rebound cushioning; the new Mach X is supercharged with a layer of PEBA foam thats 34% more resilient than the Carbon X3 foam. Softer and snappier than ever before, this adaptable trainer is comfortable enough for endurance efforts and responds equally well to pace increases.

    Tuned for training. Ready for race day. The Mach X has you covered.

    The Mach X incorporates high-resilient PEBA foam - a cutting edge material that offers exceptional energy return and protection. With its spring-like responsiveness and superior shock absorption, the Mach X provides a dynamic and comfortable ride all run long.

    A Pebax plate - comprised of 65% bio-based content - embedded within the midsole enhances speed by providing excellent energy return and propulsion. The plate efficiently converts each step's impact into forward momentum - providing a quick and snappy feel during training or racing.

    The Mach X combines fast foams and geometry. The result? A premium trainer or racer with extra pop to make those fast miles a little easier.


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